Dryers: Clean the lint filter EVERY load. It helps keep the fire department away and makes the dryer work a lot better: If the wet air can get out side faster, you pay less in energy, etc.

The best dryer to buy is any dryer with the lint filter located on the right rear of the top. This is a Whirlpool design that they have been making since the 1960's. Nothing else comes close. They come with many brand names: Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Estate, Roper and so on, but all those are brands owned by Whirlpool. I have one that's 40 years old. 'nuff said?

Washers... Oy. These days, there really aren't many good ones. The one I bought a year ago is a Speed Queen top loader; the less expensive model. No electronics AT ALL! Heaven. And, if you want to open the lid, you can  open the lid! Those top loaders with just the little paddle down the bottom don't wash worth a darn, unless the item is on the bottom. The rest just get wet and smell like soap.

If you can avoid stacking the dryer on the front loading washer, you'll save a ton of money in repairs because, in most of the washers, you have to take the dryer off the top to fix the washer.

Regarding "Stinky washers". This is almost invariably caused by using too much soap. The soap doesn't all rinse out and go down the drain. It sits in the bottom overnight and...bleeck! Tide Liquid is especially nasty in this regard.

Dishwashers: You cannot buy a great dishwasher today for any money. The best of the lot are, again, a brand made by Whirlpool. 

Best thing you can do to avoid DW repairs is to RINSE ALL THE CRUD OFF THE PLATES!!! The sales bozos will tell you there is "a built in garbage disposer" in the DW. There isn't. Just a little blade that grinds up things small enough to clog the pump strainer.

Also, make sure you run the sink water until it's very hot: That way the DW doesn't fill up with all the cold water between the DW and the water heater.

Brands to avoid like the plague: 


LG ("Low Grade"!)

Samsung aka Samdung....



Bosch. (DW's are sort of OK, but the rest of the line... NO!)

Wolf, Viking, Sub Zero, et al are absurdly overpriced crapola. $6000 for a stove and neither oven is self-cleaning! ("Oh, it doesn't matter, my girl cleans the oven"...

Sub Zero touts the fact that they have 2 compressors!!! Well, to me, that just means you are twice as likely to need a compressor, which you will HAVE to pay probably over $1500 for as you paid 9 grand for the stupid thing i hte first place!

In general, it's good to avoid any of the foreign brands, which nowincludes GE as they are now owned by a Korean company.