In general, I don't recommend  buying the extended policies. The only way I would is if you have a stacked washer/dryer or you and your family are physically rough on appliances.

Most of the Major outfits, especially Sears, triage their jobs like this: Paying customers get served first. Warranty and service contract jobs go to the bottom of the pile. You can wait 3 weeks or more...

I had a long-time customer in Quincy who had bought the policy on her Sears front loader. One Monday it didn't pump out. She called Sears, "We'll be there Friday." She didn't want to wait that long, but what could she do? Friday comes. Seh gets a call, "We can't come today. we'll be there NEXT Friday." "What about Monday?" "Nope, Friday."  Grumble, grumble... NEXT Friday (you know where this is going!) "Can't make it today, we''l be there next Friday." That was it! Donna called me and I went there Saturday morning and fixed it. Her husband went to the Sears Appliance department on Saturday afternoon and made a lot of bad noise until he got his service policy money refunded AND what they'd had to pay me!

(However, if your family beats an appliance like a rented mule, byu all means, go for the policy!)