Home Appliance Repair

I've been repairing Major Appliances for almost 40 years! STILL going strong. I repair washers, dryers (gas and electric, ranges and stoves (gas and electric), refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. If you have an "antique" appliance that you just can't bury, I'm your guy!  When you call Hansen Appliance Service, you ALWAYS get me (for better or worse...!) NOT the inexperienced kid just out of tech school.  Don't get me wrong, they need to get experience, but do you want them learning on YOU???

"Keeping the World safe for dirty laundry, hot food and cold drinks for  four decades!"

We accept Master Card, VISA, AX and Discover Cards, Personal Checks and even Cash! (Heck, I'll even accept Impersonal Checks...!

It makes more sense to repair older, well-built appliances than to buy the relative JUNK they make today!!!

"Normal" Service Charge is $85.00

For Condos where you have to park far from the door in "visitor" spots and go back and forth in elevators, the Service Charge is $105.00